Monday, November 18, 2013

The day that changed a 8 year olds life for ever.

November 1, 2013 my beautiful 8 year old Step-Daughter Anna was diagnosed with ALL-Leukemia.  It was and still is the most heart wrenching thing any parent (or step parent) could ever imagine.

We arrived at the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital on October 31 approximately 1:30 pm after getting an urgent call the night before from her pediatrician telling us "I don't like what I see in Anna's Blood work"  Stripped from her day and not having a chance to celebrate Halloween was already a tough day for Anna.  Dr's did all the test needed before coming to us and telling us what they thought and that they needed to schedule a bone marrow aspirate to rule out Leukemia!! WOW!

The following day she was put under general anesthesia for the test.  With little fear and not really understanding why she was going to "take a nap" she did a fantastic job! Now we all wait for the results.  We waited, waited and waited some more which seemed like an eternity.  Finally a huge team of Dr's and nurses came to speak to us.  It was terrifying to hear the words from the Dr's mouth.  "Anna has Leukemia"  Without hesitation and before we even really had time to cry our eyes out the Dr said "If you had to hear this terrible news and get a Leukemia diagnosis, the type of Leukemia that Anna has is the most curable." They then took action!

Monday November 4th, the day before her 9th birthday Anna had surgery to place a Port in her chest so that treatment could begin.  Every day seems to just meld into the next, we all had sleepless nights in the hospital, became intimately familiar with giving Anna medications every 12 hours and vital signs being taken every 4.  This new normal was.....well...hmmm.. It sucked, but we feel very confident in what the Dr's are doing.

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