Monday, November 18, 2013

What is 821ForAnna ?

Dr's have said that Anna's Leukemia diagnosis calls for a treatment of 2 years and 3 months or 821 days of treatment to work to CURE her of this cancer.  A glorious cocktail of drugs. Chemotherapy, Steroids and a laundry list of others.  In the short time we have seen how difficult this is for her and the tough times that she will need to endure.  This journey will be painful and draining for Anna, both physically and emotionally.  She will need tremendous support from us (her parents), friends and the community to help aid her along.
Anna Summer 2013
To help bring awareness to this disease and inspire Anna to "fight the fight!" we started 821ForAnna.Org

#821ForAnna is a way to do something to help raise awareness for Leukemia and take on a challenge to support here.  I have pledged that in the 821 days of Anna fight, that I will cycle 821 miles per month till she completes her treatment.  Hopefully all will goes as planned and I will have cycled 22,167 miles, helped inspire Anna on her journey and create awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Join Anna and I, embark on your own #821ForAnna journey.  

- Cycle like me
- Walk or Run 82.1 miles per month
- Swim 8.21 miles per month
- Read 82 pages of a book per day
- What ever you want or can do is appreciated

Every time you do something for this cause, post it somewhere in the world of social media and be sure to add #821ForAnna in your post.  

If you are Cycling, Walking, Running download the Charity Miles App to your smartphone and they will donate $.10-$.25 per mile for all you do.....FOR FREE!

Or if you want to support Anna directly and be part of her Rally, go here! 

Anna, Myself and Mom Thank you

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