Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 108 - Seizure !

Tonight Anna had a seizure. It was completely terrifying. So lucky the paramedics showed up so quickly. Anna came out of it all on her own. This kid is so strong and amazing. We spend the first part of the night in Norwalk Hospital. The staff there was phenomenal.  They made Anna feel so comforted. It brought a tear to my eye when Anna said " I want to go to my hospital" :( 

So they checked all her labs and then a CAT scan. Good news is everything was normal. Now her oncologist from Maria Fareri coordinated a transport from Norwalk to Valhalla NY. Anna loved it. They sent the STAT team. And they even let he watch gator boys during the ride. 

Now at Maria Fareri we wait for more test to take place. MRI & EEG. Oh yeah. We are all felling a bit silly on 0 sleep. 

PS sorry for the typos. This post is on zero sleep :) 

Xoxo to all 

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