Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 109 - Testing testing 1,2,3

Anna underwent a couple of tests to make sure that her seizure was not signs of a neurological disorder. First up was an EEG
To make sure her brain waves were working ok. I'm blown away by the available technology in this world. 

It looks much scarier than it is. Anna actually slept through most of it. Results were all good! She's got excellent brain waves :-) 

For this she was taken to the radiology wing of the hospital and had to wait a while before she went in. So yours truly had some fun with Anna's favorite stuffed animal "Peanut Butter" 

So the MRI was over a hour and none of us could be in the room or even walk in with her. With not even a glimmer of fear Anna went at it all alone. We played the waiting game and checked out clocks over and over. Waiting, waiting, waiting - you see the theme ;)
 When she can out d the exam room we asked how she was doing and she said "That test was really loud! I couldn't move but I had an itch so bad. The man told me to stop moving!" Moral off that quote....the kid wasn't even phased. She's amazing! 

Oh and incase you were wondering the MRI results were Aces! 


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