Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 116-118 State of Confusion

So we've spent some time battling insurance companies to find out if we could have Anna's bone marrow transplant performed at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital.  The answer was a consistent NO!  However insurance never said she they would not pay for a transplant, but they just would not pay for it there.  That left us wondering why?  The more we dug the more we learned that often insurance companies will not pay for a bone marrow transplant because of the FACILITY not being a FACT accredited facility.  It has nothing to do with Dr's accepting insurance at all.

Learning more about the FACT accreditation it seemed almost as good thing that we were denied the transplant there as it opened up a world of other options.  Now knowing where insurance would cover the procedure, we started to explore and found out the #1 hospital for children's cancer care is Cincinnati Children's Hospital and insurance would cover Anna there.  We figured if now left with having to choose a location, why not go for the best available!  Quickly we engaged with the head of their Bone Marrow transplant team who immediately was concerned about Anna's case. I prepped Dr. Stella Davies about Anna's case from start to finish and prior to getting all of Anna's files she stated the she was "very anxious" about Anna's case.  This was on a friday, the same day Anna had gone in for another bone marrow test at Maria Fareri.  At this point we had made the decision to visit CCH to meet Dr. Davies and her team, so we could make sure that we were comfortable getting her transplant there.

The weekend passed and we awaited the results from MFCH bone marrow test.  Mid monday morning March 3rd, we get the news that Anna is presenting more cancer than she had previously.  This was so heart breaking to hear.  I now re-enaged with Dr. Davies right away.  She now again expressed her concern and recommended we get to them ASAP to retest Anna, since CCH was not convinced as to what MFCH was seeing, nor did they feel that we should be hinging a major life altering decision like Bone Marrow Transplant, based only on one set of eyes reviewing Anna's results.  After a few minutes of discussion we discussed driving all the way to Cincinnati to get Anna retested.......Just to be sure

To be Continued.....

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