Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Days 131 - NYC here we come!

JSo we have been referred to Memorial Sloan Kettering by the head of Transplant at Cincinatti. So off we went to meet the team ! 

In one day Anna got a chance to meet her new oncologist, new neurologist, new nurses, new radiologist and of course a new kick ass child life play room! 

From room to room we met them all. Anna had an exray to see her port was in good sanding. An EKG to look at her heart since in of the drugs she will take can have a damaging effect on the heart. We pray that doesn't happen. 

The neurologist saw Anna literally jump up in the exam table and he said " Well I guess there are no concerns of weekness and agility! I really don't need to examine her now." ( FYI he still examined her. Thank goodness. I would have felt he was not doing his job and kicked his butt) 

We left with a clean bill on her heart and central nervous system. Plus we now have the road map for the next 8 weeks. As usual Anna took it all in stride and was nothing less than a gem for this first trip to NYC. 

Anna, Julie and I took a #selfie in the waiting room. 

Anna checking out the neurologist checking her out! 

Post doctor visit Calamari at the famous Augie's in larchmont NY. As you can see Anna was in awe! 


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