Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 225 - The Race

Leading into this day Anna has been feeling great and really hasn't seen all if her friends in months, so she was really looking forward to the race! 

She helped the night before to stuff all of the race day bags. Then got up and to Merwin Meadows park by 6:45am. Not before long cars started filling up the parking lot and all of the amazing volunteers went into action. It was spectacular to see it all come together. 

Anna was beyond excited to be spending time with her friends that she has not seen in months. They laughed, ran, screamed, danced and sang! It was the best pre-stepfathers day gift ever! I loved seeing Anna just be a kid! 

Now 5 minutes to race start we play the national anthem and got a great surprise when Anna and a few friends started to sign it live. And they sang it very very well! 

Now 8:15 sharp Anna starts the race with the sound of an air horn! She was beyond excited to see how many people were racing on this day for her. He smile as always was infectious. 

After 19 minutes the winning runner made it back across the finish line. Amazing how fast he is. Then our first ace female less than 1 minute behind. One by one Anna and her buds gave high 5's to every runner that crossed the finish line. 

It was an amazing day! As I've said many times before, "thank you" will never be enough to express our gratitude for all of the support. 

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