Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 365 - What did you do this past year?

So you may be wondering where the journey has been going since June.  For those of you just tuning in we are one year in to a 2+ year treatment plan to #BeatLeukemia.

As this post is being written, I recall where we were a year ago.  I also reflect on the 364 days that followed.  As you know Anna's Journey has been filled with ups and downs to say the least.

I think of a then 8 year old who sat bravely in the hospital on Halloween and the following day when under anethesia for a bone marrow test.  Who then broke down screaming and crying in our arms when she heard that she had Leukemia.  Once past the tears she prepared for the battle of her life and handled it like I never could.

This horrific moment one year ago however brought us love and compassion in ways we never could have imagined.  From our families and friends to the overwhelming support of a community. You all followed and supported us in ways we could never express enough gratitude for.

So what's happened since June?

Anna ......... 
Went to Prom @ Sloan

Prom with Queen Dr Kobos & Leukemia Team

Got A Pool!!!!

Did Some Rock Climbing (AKA Physical Therapy)

Planted A garden

Took some selfies!

Went on a huge construction site in NYC!

Got her port removed!

Went to a Yankee Game!


Went to MAINE!!!!!!

Ran in the Ocean for the first time in a year!!




During all of this Anna has been a real Warrior.  She has spent many days and nights in and out of the hospital, experienced multiple seizures, received many chemo treatments and so much more.  We are so proud of her and Thrilled for the exceptional care she is receiving at Memorial Sloan Cancer Center.  MoreScienceLessFear  She is still  in REMISSION! and we are hopeful it stays that way!!

Thank you will never be enough to all who continue to support her....But Thank you !

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