Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 61 - Happy New Year!!!!!

As we came to close out the year 2013, one would think we would be thrilled to see it go or even pass along a good riddance! Well for this blogger I have a different point of view!

Yes, having to hear the horrible word Leukemia from a doctor about your child is devastating, but that horrific moment taught me a lot!  Here is a short list of a few

1 - Be thankful that you woke up today!  Not everyone has that option!
2 - It can always be worse!
3 - People are genuinely caring and want to help
4 - You are stronger than you think
5 - Enjoy life!  it is precious!
6 - My kid is even more amazing than I already thought she was

I could list these all day long.....

My final thoughts for 2013 are this ....... Thank you!  A huge thank you for brining my family and friends even closer to us.  Closer than I could have ever fathomed.  We've been able to see a side of family and friends that are so beautiful, and never knew were there.

A war is not fought alone and we are so grateful for all of the soldiers that we have on our team.

Happy New Year!

Love you all

John Heather and ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna's First Time at Nunnan's Lobsta' Hut in Kennebunkport Maine!

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