Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 79 - CHOP-it like it's hot!!

Today we took a road trip to the land of brotherly love.....PHILLY!  We were very fortunate to get connected with one of the nations finest Leukemia doctors. Dr. Susan Rhiengold at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia CHOP

Having to make a decision that can affect the outcome of your child's life is the scariest decision you could ever have to make.  We wanted to be well informed and compare notes from one great hospital to another.  The night previous we explained why we were going to Philly.  Anna took it better than you could expect.  When we finished trying to be responsible parents she said "Ok, I'm getting tired.....Can we read now?"  Clearly she has no fear.  It is amazing.

We hit the road from Wilton, CT at 5:15am for an appointment in downtown Philadelphia at 9am.  It wasn't a bad ride, just a few dozen stops for the bathroom along the way :)

As we arrived at the hospital around 8:45 am, we were awe struck. The facility was breathtaking!!   As we entered one of the largest and oldest childrens hospital in the world, we were greated with nothing but the best treatment.  From check in to check out.....Amazing

Collectively with the help of CHOP and Anna's current Dr's we came up with a treatment plan. After long discussions talking about 15+ different Chemo drugs and protocols and side effects and "What If's" and and and....We pray that we made the right choice.  Part of that plan means a Bone Marrow Transplant for sure! Great news is Anna will be treated close to home at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital

OK, we now headed of to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden NJ for a fun filled afternoon.  It was pretty awesome!!  Anna loved it.  We saw Hippos, Sting Rays, Penguins and so much more.  I loved seeing her love the day! 

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Anna with Dr. Rhiengold

We were looking for a frog.  Love her!!!!

Getting her art on at CHOP

Kid even loves fake dogs!!!

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