Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 81-85 - Hospital Days

Anna started her 2 round of Chemo and she's kicking ass! Not one compliant this entire hospital stay. She was happy and full of energy. The week was much better than any time we had ever spent in the hospital before.  We were so luck there were not any complications this time around.

Aside from getting chemo here's all the other things that happened this week.

Wished upon a star!
Posed for a picture with her Dr's
Kicked A$$ Playing Trouble
Drove  fire truck
Played with Old Friends
Made New Friends
Met and Army Guy! (She was bummed that he was not single or as she said "Tooken") 
Made Ridiculous Faces
Learned how to give her self and injection on an orange



  1. You go Anna! Keep it up!

  2. <3 So proud of you, Anna! Keep fighting!!!