Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 19, 20 21.... - Hospital Frequent flyer miles

So we left the hospital on Wednesday morning and then the pain returned that night so back we went.  I have never experienced a child with Leukemia but would expect that from the Chemo treatment would make her tired and sluggish, That we can handle!  See your child scream in pain like she was being tortured......That is the toughest thing in the world to watch.

We live about 40 minutes from Maria Fareri Children's Hospital in Valhalla NY.  When Anna is not in pain, this is an easy ride.  When she is screaming bloody murder :( it feel like an eternity.  She screams "Take me to the Hospital!!!!!!!!"  What child says that? :'(
Morphine knocked her and the pain out!

So for this visit at 10:30pm (yes it always happens at night) the Dr orders a whole lot of tests and drinking something called GoLYTELY...A LOT OF IT!  2 liters to be exact.  It came in a clear gallon jug and looked like Anti-Freeze...YUM?  No not really. It took 2 days to get the stuff to start working, but when it did start, there was no stopping :/ until you're empty that is (Sorry for the details, but you signed up to listen to the journey :) )

Guess what?  Pain gone and smiles back!  Off to home we go.............AGAIN.

You know the kid is feeling better when Ipad is in use!!!

 Oh yeah, and the appetite was back too (Notice the salad.  Salad = Fiber!)

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