Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 29 - Christmas Come Early!!!!!

During the diagnosis the Dr's mentioned to us that they would expect Anna to be in remission by the 29th day of treatment.  So we are now sitting and waiting for the results of Anna's latest bone marrow aspiration. Of course how could I forget how amazing Anna did once again going into this procedure. Not a moment of worry in her eyes as she was getting ready to go in for this procedure. Amazing! Did I mention we had to wait for the results ? First, here is a small idea of what they do.

And we waited some more for the call. Those Dr's are amazing because they were right. On day 29 Anna is in REMISSION!!!!! Yay yay yay! What an amazing Christmas gift! 

What does it mean? Well a few things. First and foremost they cannot detect any cancer in her body! Wow! 😂
Second it means that before we start the next phase of this 821 day journey we need to celebrate. Anna went to see all her best besties at the Wilton Youth Football/Cheerleading banquet. She was sooooooo happy to be there. 

Look at this beautiful face of happiness. 

Anna had an uncontrollable laughing fit for  literally 25 minutes. She could not stop laughing. There was nothing funny going on at all. She just laughed, laughed and laughed some more. It was the sweetest sound. We told her what it meant to be in remission, maybe she was genuinely filled with such joy that she couldn't  control her laughter. No matter what brought on the laughing fit, it was magically to see her laugh and smile! ❤

I love this girl <3 


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