Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 37 - Chemo Phase 2

So its been a few days since we haw had anything to post. That is good news. We've been blessed that since her notice of remission our beautiful Anna has been feeling so good. No belly pain, no nuthin' 

It snowed 2 days ago and school was closed (although Anna has a tutor since she cannot attend school for the balance of this year) so she actually had a good old fashion "Snow Day!"  She played in the snow with her friend and even snuggled up at the neighbors during the storm to watch a movie. What an amazing gift! So glad she could have that time to feel like a regular kid ❤❤❤

She's posing with Dr's  :)
Now its time to keep on kicking Leukemia's A$$! Today Anna started her second round of Chemo. Now many people wonder why she still needs treatment if she is in remission. Well to put it simply, Anna has won the battle but not the war.....yet! This second round of so called "less intense" treatment is designed to make leukemia never come back. In better than 90% of the time that is the case. We pray everyday that she on the right side of the coin. 

So what does phase 2 consist of? Here is the short list

- 4 weeks of a daily chemo pill Mercaptopurine (this is the one that will likely giver her a baldy :( )
- weekly for 3 weeks she will get a spinal tap for injection of Chemo into her spinal track
- weekly for 4 weeks chemo through her port, which is the same as the first phase Vincristine 

- at week 3 another bone marrow aspirate just to make sure none of that nasty leukemia came back. 

Yes, this is the less intense route. Yikes! 

Anna went through today's spinal tap procedure like a champ! 

Here are a few pics from the days shenanigans! 

Yup kids feeling good. A little #NOOK watching and eating a muffin :)

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