Thursday, December 5, 2013

Days 24-26- Have I mentioned we go to the hospital a lot?

November 26th. 

So Anna was not admitted till this morning. Doctors are puzzled by her pain. All points towards constipation still. So now what ? 

First lets get her relived of pain. Morphine please ! Next they clean her out with a mega dose of miralax. Then they order an X-ray of her belly, followed by a CAT scan. 

In almost every instance they use her medi port for everything. For this CAT scan they gave her a fresh large IV in her right arm for contrast. 

November 27

CAT scan result looking for blood clots are negative. Her bowels are clear. She is still in pain. Next up ultrasound. She's so scared at this point. It's enough to bring a year to your eye. 

Ready for her ultrasound

Great news! No blood clots!!!! Phew :) 

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