Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 56 - it's Christmas!!!

Today is Christmas! 

The past few weeks Anna has been amazing. Full of energy and plenty of laughs and giggles :). Today was no exception. 

To set the stage you should know that we DO have an elf on the shelf. Her name is Lovie. Lovie and Anna had been exchanging notes daily the last few days leading to Christmas. This really was so cute and added to the mystique of Christmas magic! What was most amazing was on of the notes (pre typed) from Lovie it said that she wished for a white Christmas. Well with not a flake in the forecast Lovie's wish was far fetched.  But as luck would have it suddenly started snowing here during Christmas Eve dinner. Anna was soooooo excited

That night we were off to bed, with 2 cookies and a glass if milk by the fire for the big guy. 

Christmas morning as expected! "Mommy Johnny He CAME! Santa Came!!!"


Her joy was our best gift!!

Yes we wore Christmas Jammie's!

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